Mammoth got two inches of snow earlier today, but by 5:30 pm, there is only cold gray drizzle. It must have been a good summer. I don't remember Fall breaking through with this burst of color here before. Or, maybe I just failed to notice. Aspens and cottonwoods have caught fire, blazing gold.
    One big bull with a beautiful huge rack, stamps around his harem near the Yellowstone Institute. He bugles his long high pitched song and chases frightened cows. He looks straight at us and moves slowly towards the car, turning suddenly to chase a younger rival off. The cows are not frightened - or don't appear to be, but they are hardly cooperative either. They bolt in the nearest direction away from the bull.
    Across from the dining room another bull is equally frustrated. Unfortunately, there are tourists all around and cars parked nearby. Orange cones curve around the dining room warning cars away from the bull and to allow him plenty of space - and his cows, too. The cows want to run somewhere. This particular bull has a bad habit of punching cars, so a ranger warns visitors to move their cars, and themselves, out of the area.
    The drizzle is constant, steady and there is very little traffic. We see only an eagle, some deer, elk and bison on the way back.

Author - Christine Baleshta
Photography - Tim Springer

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Yellowstone Experiences 2006