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Tim Springer
Christine Baleshta

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Yellowstone National Park

** Book Release ** 
Christine has collaborated with collage artist Susanne Belcher in Looking for 527, a book inspired by the alpha female of Yellowstone's Cottonwood Pack who was killed in Montana's 2009 wolf hunt. The book combines Susanne's haunting images with Christine's essay and is available on All royalties are directly donated to The Yellowstone Park Foundation's Wolf Project.
Looking for 527 on Amazon

** July 2014 **
      In the heat of Texas summer, I miss the Park. Tonight I walk with my dog in the rain along the arroyo. Not the cold, drenching downpour of Wyoming, but a soft, gentle sprinkle. Distance is more than miles. It is time, experiences, what we saw, and what we left behind. I wish we were there to see the Lamar Canyon Pack's seven pups and all the wildflowers that are now in bloom. I wish we had seen the Canyon Pack and 763's group with its own puppies. Our travels last fall took us in a circle around Yellowstone and Grand Teton, but the government shutdown kept us outside the Park. After a year away it felt like we skipped chapters in a book. We drove into a Yellowstone nourished by winter snows and spring rains, greener than we imagined and quieter in some ways. There were few elk in Lamar Valley and the wolves of the northern range kept their distance. Sightings were short and usually from far away. Something we missed - coyotes. We hardly saw any. I like to believe that Yellowstone is always balancing itself, always in a cycle, and we are there only to watch and to learn.

Christine Baleshta - June 2014

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