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All photos by
Tim Springer
Christine Baleshta

Additional Photos:

Tim Springer Photography

      The coyote was close. So close we could tell without binoculars it was a nursing mother. It walked around us not ten feet away and then back again intent on something we could not see.
Suddenly my partner said "otters!" I looked over at the lake just in time to see two otters swim toward shore 20 feet away. The coyote ran over where the otters were going to come out anticipating an easy meal but the otters were not impressed. They came rolling up the bank squealing and hissing side by side chasing the surprised coyote 15 feet up the bank. The coyote again came at them and this time they chased her until she ran off for easier prey. The otters were so concerned they rolled wrestled and tumbled all over each other on the bank for a good 2 minutes before their play carried them back into the water where they put on a joyful aquatic show for the fortunate few standing on the bank of trout lake. Another Disney moment courtesy of Yellowstone National Park.
   There are so many wonderful animals to see in the park wildlife viewing trips unfold in a constant sequence of surprise. Another once in a lifetime sighting could be just around the next rock. Literally. It might try to eat you. Otters, weasels, wolverines, martins, grouse, eagles, hawks, owls, bobcats, lynx, Mt. lion, The list seems endless. It's the chance that any of the Yellowstone fauna could be seen on almost any given day that keeps the hope and freshness of the experience alive. Trip after trip the enchantment remains. Maybe this time we'll see a.............

Tim Springer - 2004

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