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All photos by
Tim Springer
Christine Baleshta

Additional Photos:

Tim Springer Photography

      The radio crackled with the voice of Rick McIntyre a wolf expert working for the Park. "Ah just so you know, there's a group of about 17 wolves heading your way."
We had been at the Fisherman's pullout in the Lamar Valley observing 2 grizzlies on a bison carcass 150 yards away. While watching the bears I saw a pronghorn antelope buck go running out from behind a hill with a gray wolf right behind it. The wolf gave up quickly and the antelope hung around none too concerned. When I first saw them I blurted out "Wolf chasing an antelope!" and the entire crowd there with their spotting scopes and cameras said "where?!!" I pointed it out and then there was considerable discussion about whether it was a wolf or a coyote and I felt embarrassed by my misidentification in front of all the "wolf heavies". But then all finally agreed that it was indeed a wolf and I felt redeemed. One of the wolf spotters was describing the appearance of the wolf to Ranger Rick over the radio when Rick nonchalantly let us know about the large Druid Peak Pack headed our way.
   Having watched the large canids before we knew it would take that pack with it's 9 low attention span pups forever to reach us so we jumped into our car and drove down the valley to the growing crowd watching the Druids move slowly through the valley. We got to observed them for more than an hour and even got to see them chase a group of antelope without success. Just another day in the Lamar.
   The Lamar Valley is a magical place. With its immense size, wide open spaces, and a roadway running all the way down it on one side it's the perfect place to view wildlife doing as they have since long before people showed up. Animals have all they need here. A reliable water source in the Lamar river flowing the length of the valley, plenty of grass land to graze on, lot's of space to watch for predators, and more than enough game opportunities for the predators.
   Visitors who come to the park to view wildlife are constantly being pulled emotionally to the place just to see "if anything is happening in the Lamar". When we first arrive in the park the one place we want to see immediately is the Lamar Valley. That is primarily due to the concentration and visibility of the wolves and bears there.
   The Druid Peak Pack has made the Lamar their home and so the chances of seeing a wolf are incredibly good there. With the wolves taking down elk the bears are always around to displace the canids so there is often plenty of action in the Valley.
   If I had to choose one place to spend the rest of my life it would be the Lamar Valley. With it's immense size, openness, beautiful mountains and concentration of wildlife, I can't imagine any place better.

Tim Springer - 2004

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